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Immersed 2017 Immersed in Worship Schedule

Thursday (Location NCCA)
                   Topic:  Harp and Bowl
                   Prayer Meeting at NCCA

           10am (Location NCCA)
                    Covenant Network Ministers’ Meeting

             1pm - 3 pm (Location NCCA)
                   Topic:  Dance - 15 min
                   Topic:  Flags –15 min
                   Topic:  Sign – 15 min                      
                                  - 10 min break -
                   Topic:  Other Expressions of Praise and Worship – 10 min
                   Topic:  Role of the Psalmist in a New Testament Church - 45 min

            6pm (worship rehearsal time) (Location Southern Exchange)
            7pm Service (Location Southern Exchange)
                   New Covenant NOLa leading worship
                   Topic:  Worship Warfare- Pastor Shelly Planellas

Saturday (Location Southern Exchange)
            10 - noon
                   Topic:  Singing in Tongues – 25 min
                   Topic:  New Song – 25 min                       
                              - 10 min break -
                   Topic:  Prophetic Worship – 1 hr.

           1pm - 3pm Prophetic call out (NCCA prophetic team)

           4pm (open mic)

           5pm (worship rehearsal time for conference choir)
           6pm (worship rehearsal)

           7:00pm Service
                 New Covenant Dallas leading worship
                 Evangelist Brian Grizzle preaching

          11am (Location Southern Exchange)
              Worship rehearsal
          12pm to 2 pm service (Location Southern Exchange)
               New Covenant Atlanta leading worship
               Topic:  Worship and the Glory – Bishop Randy Morgan

          3pm (Location NCCA)
              Topic: Creative Worship

          6pm (Location NCCA)           Prayer